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Complete SunMaster CS range available from stock in Amsterdam

The SunMaster CS7TL RP completes the comprehensive three phase inverter portfolio of Mastervolt. Small commercial installations up to MW solar parks can be accommodated with the most reliable power conversion using central string inverters in the size of 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20 and 30 KWac.

The whole CS portfolio is equipped with six features of the IntelliConcept. This results in inverters which are designed to harvest most energy - not just in sunny weather but also in changing conditions or low irradiance.

One of the six intelligent examples is IntelliCool, which leads to stable high efficiency and constant high power. High inverter temperature reduces efficiency and leads to power derating. Ambient temperature is always highest under maximum irradiance, i.e. when the available power from the sun is at its highest.

The active Optima Cooling system automatically adjusts the cooling of Mastervolt inverters to ambient conditions. This ensures a high efficiency and constant high power capacity in systems PV installations using up to 30kWac inverters - even on particularly hot days.

Mastervolt has already been specified on a 10MW project of rooftop systems for a top UK supermarket chain, bringing the total to date of 17 MW and all using Mastervolt’s latest CS inverters. It is understood that the supermarket will be the largest PV rooftop electricity producer in Europe when the rollout is complete.