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Huisman Elektrotechniek fits 768 solar panels for waste processor ARN BV

Huisman Elektrotechniek in Druten won this large commission thanks to its expert advice and high quality materials. For instance, the PV installation has a so-called fire fighter circuit. This means that the fire brigade can remotely disable the system in case of an emergency. This circuit can also be linked to a building visualisation and management system.

The total power output of the PV system is 195 kWp. The entire installation is composed of eight sections, with every section consisting of 96 solar panels. Each section is linked to a Mastervolt CS20-TL inverter, all of which are installed in a special technical area. Extra overvoltage protection has been added parallel to the section wiring to lead off a lightning strike in case of a storm. This means that the inverters have additional protection against interference caused by a lightning strike.

The Data Control Professional monitoring solution supplied by Mastervolt provides the ability to visualise what is happening on the roof. A reference sensor is built in for additional security to verify whether the data measured by the system is accurate. The power generated, the outside temperature and the amount of radiation on the solar panels can all be monitored via the Internet, for instance.

It is possible to unplug the eight sections separately for maintenance. This means that the PV system only needs to be partly stopped, allowing power generation to proceed as normal. An additional coating has been applied to the solar panels to protect them against aggressive substances.

Given the current placement of the PV panels, ARN can expect an annual output of at least 171,000 kWh. Working with the Mastervolt CS20TL RP inverters allows output to easily meet these expectations. An output of 171,000 kWh is enough to cover the electricity needs of fifty average families.