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Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS partner in hybrid propulsion

Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS, the Austrian specialist for Marine diesel engines have formed a working partnership to develop and distribute a range of Serial Hybrid diesel-electric drive installations for boats.


STEYR won a DAME award in 2007 for its parallel hybrid technology, and the company is now working with Mastervolt on a range of Serial Hybrid propulsion systems. In these, it is only the electric motor that drives the boats, the diesel engine effectively becoming an efficient generator set that charges the batteries for the electric motor. It is simpler than the parallel arrangement and well suited to marine applications.


Both companies are already leaders in Hybrid technology and they will make formidable partners, bringing together STEYR’s expertise in diesel technology and its associated mechanics with Mastervolt’s highly advanced electrical power solutions.


With rapidly increasing interest in Hybrid drives amongst boat owners, there is a requirement for a ‘one stop’ shop for these 21st century propulsion systems. The collaboration between Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS, both designers and producers of premium products in their markets, brings together the essential top level expertise in diesel technology and power electronics required to develop the most effective and efficient state of the art systems.


Commenting on his company’s new collaboration with STEYR MOTORS, Paul Kenninck, CEO of Mastervolt, said; “This partnership between STEYR MOTORS and Mastervolt brings together two innovative players in a way that will result in the development of the technology of the future, for delivery tomorrow, boosting the possibilities of e-propulsion in the medium to high end leisure market.”


Rudolf Mandorfer, CEO of STEYR MOTORS, said of the new partnership: “We are delighted to be working with Mastervolt; it brings together the maximum of field experience from both worlds, advanced Power Electronics and Diesel engines and will result in a rapid growth in hybrid technology for the marine market.”


Notes for editors


STEYR MOTORS GmbH is the specialist for Diesel Engines out of the earlier STEYR-Daimler-Puch group of companies. Decades of Engine Engineering and Production of diesel engines for all kind of commercial & military vehicles resulted in the development of the STEYR M1- ("Monoblock") engine family. Our products are highly specialised in regard of operational safety, environmental protection, power density and cost effectiveness. Best skilled Engineers in Engineering, Quality Assurance and Production are guarantees for customer's satisfaction and worldwide success with our products.


STEYR diesel engines are a synonym for most modern technologies, carefully engineered and manufactured as a typical representative of Austria's worldwide image for engine engineering & technology.


Mastervolt is world leader in the supply of electrical power solutions to marine, automotive, and solar markets and has a worldwide presence in more than 80 countries.


Established in 1991, Mastervolt International employs 125 full-time staff in nine countries and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mastervolt International is privately owned by one of the founders and company management.


For further information on STEYR MOTORS GmbH, please contact:

STEYR MOTORS GmbH, Im Stadtgut B1, A-4407 STEYR, Austria

Telephone: +43 (0)7252/222-11.  Fax: +43 (0) 7252/222-19



For further information on Mastervolt, please contact:

Mastervolt International BV, Snijdersbergweg 93, 1105 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)20 34 22 100.  Fax: +31 (0)20 69 71 006


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