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Type C1, 454R9V02 red

A proper cover and isolation of the battery poles prevents sparks or short circuiting, even in the toughest conditions. Mastervolt isolation covers protect the battery terminals completely, for your convenience and safety.

Battery terminals are a problem in many applications, because dangerous vapours from battery acid cause corrosion on the lead surfaces and copper wiring associated with the battery wires. The same happens with environmental influences like rain. This acidic corrosion on surfacing and wiring should be cleaned periodically.

However, prevention is better than cure. Therefore Mastervolt recommends the use of isolation covers.

Product code: 68454002 This product is no longer available.
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Drawings (dimensions)

Type C1, 454R9V02 red

Dimensions Battery cover 'type C1': 454R9V02 (red) (PDF-file)