SwitchMaster 2-3 SW30 OVP

The strings are connected in a string box, which is installed between the PV array and the SunMaster CS inverter. The high DC loads and currents require top quality and safe components. The varistors in the StringMaster reduce the risk of lightning strike damage to the PV array, cables and inverter.

Why a separate string box?

  • Safe and practical solution; the string box allows you to switch the PV modules on and off at close range.
  • Saves labour and material costs by reducing up to ten strings to only two.
  • The IP65 string boxes are developed in accordance with HD60364-7-712 and EN60439-1, and come with clear safety instructions.
  • Equipped with high quality components such as a 1000 V DC switch and reliable 16 mm² connections, and placed in a fully assembled enclosure with coupling nuts.

 Which string box do I need?


Select the right fuse

Choose breaking capacity: In > Isc x 1.56. Example: Isc = 7.95 A  --> 7.95 x 1.56  = 12.4 --> next higher rating --> choose 15 A fuse.          

StringMaster fuses are marked with the ‘gPV’ and ‘fuse"drawing’ symbols, showing compliance with IEC60269-6. Use of non-compliant fuses is prohibited as it may lead to severe damage or even fire.

Product code: 131300600 This product is no longer available.
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General specifications
Operating temperature -20 °C till 50 °C
-4 °F
Enclosure polycarbonate (PC)
Safety class class II
Dimensions, hxwxd 400 x 300 x 130 mm
15.7 x 11.8 x 5.1 inch
Weight 4.5 kg
9.9 lb
Color RAL 7035
Protection degree IP65
Product warranty 5 years
Technical specifications
Max. voltage Uoc 1000 V
Max. DC current (up to 600 V) 30 A
Max. string input 2x 3
Connections input cage clamp up to 6 mm²
Connections output cage clamp up to 16 mm²
Fuses (positive & negative ends) none
Overvoltage protection 1000 V; type ll
Cable entry DIN cable glands M16/M25
Relative humidity max. 100%; non condensing


User manuals

SwitchMaster 2-3 SW30 OVP

Manual SwitchMaster 2-3 SW30 (OVP)