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3.5" Display Interface with power cable, grey bezel

CZone displays are the interface between the CZone network and the user. They offer full control of circuits as well as the ability to view important onboard system information, such as tank levels and power levels (for both AC and DC supplies).

Audio and visual alarms with systems diagnostics are also provided. The displays are extremely intuitive to use with simple controls and a menu structure that is easy to follow. The ‘modes of operation’ feature allows the control of multiple circuits with a single push of a button. For instance, ‘night running’ mode turns pre-selected lights on to dim levels. These modes can all be configured by the user. CZone displays can be used to set the CZone system parameters for initial installation and future system maintenance (Display Interface only).


DC power meter

  • Displays voltages of multiple battery banks, includes low and high voltage alarms.
  • Displays charge and discharge (Amps) of multiple battery banks.
  • Displays battery capacity in ampere hours and % charge/discharge, includes low ampere hour alarm.
  • Logging of battery minimum and maximum voltage levels.
  • Logging of minimum battery capacity level.

AC power meter

  • Displays multiple line voltages (230 and 120 V), includes high and low voltage alarm.
  • Displays AC line frequencies, includes high and low frequency alarm and AC power consumption in kW.
  • Logging of minimum and maximum voltage and frequency levels.
  • Logging of maximum AC current.

Power control

  • Turn circuits on and off, including timer and light dimming control.
  • Set modes of operation.

Tank levels

  • View tank level information for multiple tanks and fluid types.


  • Displays standard NMEA 2000 information.
  • Displays temperature and pressure values.
  • Monitors all circuits connected to the CZone network.


  • Logging of circuit run time and on cycles.
  • CZone network status reporting.
  • Indicates alarms for onboard faults in audible and visual form (bilge pump operation, smoke alarm).
  • Logging of alarms with date and time.

Product code: 80-911-0002-00 This product is no longer available.
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General specifications
Screen 3.5" transflective QVGA
Dimensions, hxwxd 105 x 165 x 62 mm
4.1 x 6.5 x 2.4 inch
Weight 0.374 kg
0.8 lb
Including rotary knob for easy menu navigation
Technical specifications
Power consumption 12 V: 180 mA (standby 130 mA)
Protection degree IpX7 water ingress




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