MLI 24/160

Lithium Ion is the battery technology of today. Do you want to be the fastest or best performing? Do you want to save energy or burn less fuel? Do you want your investment to last longest? Do you want to be ‘out there’ longest without getting anxious about your energy? Then Lithium Ion is your choice of batteries.

A few of its outstanding features:

  • Space and weight savings up to 70 %.
  • Three times the lifespan of traditional batteries.
  • Extremely fast charging and discharging.
  • High efficiency: not wasting energy.
  • Safe operation.

Safest Lithium Ion technology available

The term Lithium Ion encompasses multiple chemistries, having slightly different compositions of materials. These differences result in variations of energy and power density, lifespan, cost and safety. As safety is our primary concern, Mastervolt chooses to use only the safest available Lithium Ion chemistry, Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4).

Mastervolt brings Lithium Ion technology in two product ranges

MLI series; Large capacity series, fully equipped for extreme cycling, like running airconditioning, pumps or electric motors for long periods of time with short intermittent charging.

MLS series; Small capacity series, suitable for smaller applications, such as portable/mobile equipment or backup power.

Safe operation

The Mastervolt Li-ion battery is equipped with an integrated Battery Management System with active cell balancing. Ensuring that the available energy is automatically divided between cells guarantees efficient and safe functioning of the battery.

Weight reduction

As speed and performance are crucial aspects, a Lithium Ion battery – which takes up 70% less weight than similar lead acid batteries – offers considerable benefits. A vessel or vehicle with a capacity of 20 kWh on board, can easily save up to 500 kg and achieve a substantially better performance.

Superior performance

Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries have a realistic lifespan of over 2000 cycles at a depth of discharge (DOD) of 80%. This is three times longer than lead acid batteries thanks to features such as battery management, the almost complete absence of self-discharge and the minimal build-up of the infamous ‘memory effect’.

Large battery banks

The Lithium Ion Ultra batteries are ideal for electric and hybrid applications, and can be connected in parallel unlimited. The built-in common-rail technology offers an easy series connection of multiple batteries.

Easy installation

The elegant design of the Li-ion Ultra in the characteristic Mastervolt colours includes two integrated handles with a recess for the correct and practical installation of the cables. As the battery poles are easily accessible and completely protected, extra isolation covers are not needed.

Product code: 66020160 This product is no longer available.
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MLI Ultra 24/5000
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General specifications
Nominal battery voltage 26.5 V
Nominal battery energy capacity 4.3 Wh
Battery capacity range 160 Ah
Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh 623 x 199 x 345 mm
24.5 x 7.8 x 13.6 inch
Weight 55 kg, 90 Wh/ kg
121.3 lb
Technical specifications
Parallel connection yes, unlimited



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Drawings (dimensions)

MLI 24/160

Dimensions Battery MLI 24/160


Installation manuals

MLI 24/160

Li-ion 12-24V Multi Battery installation sheets


User manuals

MLI 24/160

Users manual Li-ion battery MLI 24/160


3D product drawings

3D drawing Li-ion battery MLI 24/160 (zipped STEP-file)



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