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MasterBus FireCAN Interface

The MasterBus FireCAN Interface makes communication between MasterBus and the central control panels in firefighting vehicles possible. Prevents flat batteries in case of an emergency!

The MasterBus FireCAN Interface connects the vehicle’s central communication system to the MasterBus network. FireCAN is a standardized CANbus protocol for electronic applications in fire fighting vehicles, that incorporates manufacturer-specific components.

The system information encompasses a.o. input power availability, charging status, battery voltage and under/over voltage. This data is vital in an emergency situation, and helps prevent a key power source dropping out at a crucial moment, such as when driving the fire pumps. The information from each battery charging device (or charger/inverter combination) in operation is then shared on the FireCAN network. Each interface has a default ‘auto’ mode, which automatically configures FireCAN’s communication with the charging device, but manual configuration is also possible.

Product code: 77032400
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General specifications
Communication protocol FireCAN protocol DIN14700 (CANbus)
MasterBus powering no
Dimensions, hxwxd 66 x 78 x 32 mm
2.6 x 3.1 x 1.3 inch
Weight 0.08 kg
0.2 lb
Operating mode auto (plug & play) and manual, one interface per charger, monitoring only
Information provided system status: input power, state of charge, battery voltage, under/over voltage
Delivered with FireCAN connection cable (100 mm), MasterBus terminator, user’s manual
Technical specifications
Current consumption < 40 mA
Protection degree IP21



MasterBus FireCAN Interface

EU DoC NMEA & Firecan Interface



MasterBus FireCAN Interface

MasterBus FireCAN leaflet


User manuals

MasterBus FireCAN Interface

User's manual MasterBus - FireCAN Interface (English)



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