SunMaster IS15

Maximizing the energy from Thin Film

Maximizing the power from the sun

The SunMaster IS range maximizes the energy production of Thin Film installations. The modular concept simplifies installation and ensures easy maintenance, resulting in reduced overall Cost of Ownership. Each power module incorporates the proven technology of Mastervolt. The power modules have been designed to provide high efficiency and extremely low losses, resulting in a very high annual yield.

Flexible design

  • Compatible with any type of solar module: CIGS, CdTe, amorphous silicon, mono- and poly-silicon and back contact technology.
  • Integrated HF transformer provides galvanic isolation, no grounding kit needed.

High yield

  • 100% power, up to 45 °C ambient temperature.
  • High efficiency over full power range.
  • A low self consumption ensures early start-up and late shutdown.
  • Adaptive cooling technology.
  • Three highly efficient MPP trackers generate maximum yield from the solar panels, even at low light conditions.

Easy & safe installation

  • Ventilation from bottom to top: They can be placed side by side.
  • Wall mounted enclosure.
  • Segnential mounting of backbone, power modules and front cover.
  • Power modules are equipped with 4 mm² Multi Contact connectors and cables.
  • Integrated DC switch and over voltage protection (optional connection kits).


  • Standard 5 years warranty, 10 or 20 years as option.
  • Proven Mastervolt concept.
  • High cooling efficiency extends operating life and increases yield.
  • Replaceable air filter.

Ordering procedure

Various country specific models are available. Isolation monitoring may be disabled for functional grounding purposes. Please contact Mastervolt for applicable article numbers.

Advanced monitoring

The SunMaster IS stores the daily energy production of your solar power system for reading on PC or laptop. Optional monitoring via Internet available.

Modular design

Three identical modules ensure easy maintenance.

Easy Mount concept

The hinged design of the cabinet combines ample room for installation with a compact installed product.

Functional grounding option

Isolation monitoring may be disabled for functional grounding purposes. Various country specific models are available.

Connection kit options

The SunMaster IS comes standard with AC and DC terminal blocks. Two pre-assembled connection kits are available as an option:

  • Switch: AC & DC terminals + DC switch.
  • SW+OVP: AC & DC terminals, DC switch and over voltage protection.

Please specify when ordering.

Product code: 131415--- This product is no longer available.
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Specifications solar input (DC)
Max. input power 16.800 W
PV power range 14.000-20.000 Wp
Start-up power < 3x 10 W
Operating voltage range 100–600 V; nom. 400 V
MPP voltage range at nominal power 180-480 V
Max. voltage 600 V
DC connection 3
Number of MPP trackers 3 MPP trackers with 99.9% MPP efficiency
Nominal input current 3x 30 A
DC connections six 4 mm² MultiContact connectors
Grid output (AC) specifications
Grid voltage 400/230 V (3/N/PE)
Nominal output power 15.000 VA
Max. output power 15.750 VA
Nominal output current (3ph-Y) 3x 22 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power factor > 0.99 at full power
Standby power < 1 W
EU efficiency 95 %
Max. efficiency 96 %
AC connection 16 mm² connection terminal
Fuse internal PCB fuse in power modules
Regulations & directives
CE conformity yes
Nat. grid requirements VDE 0126-1-1 / DK5940 / RD1663-2000 / K SC 8536 / G83-1-1 / Synegrid C10/11 compliant
Communication & monitoring
Display 6 status LEDs on each power module
Communication • 2x RS485 connections (max. 10 IS units can be connected to one Data Control Pro datalogger) • 2x MasterBus field service interface
Safety regulations
General galvanic separation between DC and AC side by means of class II HF transformers
Island protection an AC fault in any of the phases will disable all three power modules. Redundant voltage and frequency window monitoring (QNS); independent cut-off by means of 2 pole relay and solid state switch (ENS) according to VDE 0126-1-1
Temperature protection thermal switch off at power module internal over temperature
Safety devices DC side isolation resistance monitoring, over voltage detection, inverse polarity protection, current limiting, temperature controlled power derating, type 3 surge protection
Safety devices AC side AC current limiting, DC injection protection, short circuit (ceramic fuse), type 3 surge protection
Optional DC switch and type 2 over voltage protection
General specifications
Operating temperature -20 to 60 °C; derating power > 45 °C
-4 to 140 °F
Safety class class I (metal housing with earth connection)
Galvanic isolation safety transformer
Dimensions, hxwxd 862.5x511.5x405 mm
34.0 x 20.1 x 15.9 inch
Weight 61 kg; enclosure 22 kg + modules 3x 13 kg
134.5 lb
Connections power module DC input is fitted with 4 mm² MultiContact connectors / AC output fitted with 100 cm AC cable / 2x RS485 communication ports
Connections connection plate DC input 16 mm², AC output 16 mm² connection terminals
Protection degree IP23 for indoor use
Product warranty 5 year
Technical specifications
Relative humidity 0-90% non condensing; protective PCB coating



SunMaster IS15

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SunMaster IS15

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