See all data locally at a glance

The SunMaster XS and SunMaster ES are standardly equipped with two integrated RS485 communication interfaces and a 30-day yield memory. This offers you various possibilities, including displaying all essential information on your PC. 

All you need is a Mastervolt USB PC-Link (adapter plug) and a communication wire. Installation only takes a matter of minutes. Special software for reading the data is free to download.


The Windows® based Masterlog program provides a graphic display of the performance of your PV system regarding the items listed below:

  • Daily yield and operating hours history over an entire year. 
  • Total output (kWh) and total operating hours since installation. 
  • Status and error messages.
  • Voltage, current and capacity of the solar panels and 230 V grid.

Product code: 130394350 This product is no longer available.
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