PC-Link (galvanically isolated)

Mastervolt offers a variety of useful MasterAdjust software. This software can be used by the installer or experienced user to accurately align the Mastervolt equipment to its relevant application. Parameters such as voltage, current, switch-off points and charging algorithms are just some of the many options.

To use MasterAdjust software, you need a PC-Link as interface between your PC and Mastervolt equipment. The PC-Link can be connected directly to the serial port.

The galvanic isolated version prevents possible problems, therefore we recommend this isolated PC-Link.

Product code: 21730300
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MasterAdjust Software to configure, monitor and log your Mastervolt system (MasterBus-USB interface...


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PC-Link (galvanically isolated)

Manual PC link RS232-QRS232 with galvanic isolation (English/Nederlands)


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