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CZone 2 Module Smart Harness

CZone utilizes the industry standard NMEA 2000 network for its communication protocol.

The 2 Module Smart Harness replaces the need for a complete network backbone in a small system, meaning a robust, simpler and more cost-effective installation.

The Smart Harness can also be fitted independent to any CZone installation where a small network comprising 2 devices is required.

  • All in one smart-harness for straight forward plug & play installation.
  • 2 Module Smart Harness connects one 6-button Waterpoof Keypad to the Contact 6 PLUS Module.
  • Not required when connecting to NMEA 2000 network. The Smart Harness contains internal network terminations and will compromise a standard backbone.

Product code: 80-911-0171-00


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CZone 2 Module Smart Harness

2 & 3 Module Smart Harness datasheet



CZone 2 Module Smart Harness

Contact 6 Plus System datasheet


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Contact 6 PLUS + keypad product training by Geoff Morrish, Product Manager

Super easy entry-level system for anyone who wants to start with CZone digital switching. The CZone Contact 6 PLUS System offers the best of CZone functionality to smaller applications at a price comparable to any traditionally wired system.