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Solar off grid

The sun as a source of energy… There may be lots available but several steps are required before solar energy can be used to supply electronic equipment. Power from solar panels must be converted before it can be used or stored, which is why Mastervolt developed its solar charge regulators. With or without MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), they will charge your batteries in an intelligent way to ensure faster recharging and a longer lifespan. Simply add a Mastervolt inverter to the equation and you can use the electrical power from your (Mastervolt) batteries.

We also provide accessories to complete your solar power system, such as fuse (holders) and battery switches. Mastervolt has all the products and knowledge in-house to use or store solar energy in an optimal way.

In addition to these off-grid or autonomous solutions, Mastervolt also supplies solar inverters ranging from 1000 to 3000 Watt which are connected to the grid. 

Real life systems:

Solar grid connected

Generating the highest yield from the ideal synthesis between solar inverters and the installed solar panels, regardless of brand or type. Check our solar inverters and solutions for grid connected systems.