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Mastervolt: The power to be independent

Mastervolt stands for reliable autonomous power solutions. As specialists in the management, conversion and storage of electrical energy, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio with a power range from 300 to 40,000 watts. Our electric solutions are widely used in demanding markets such as marine, mobile, off shore, industrial, autonomous solar and infrastructure.

Mastervolt's mission

Developing and manufacturing power systems for autonomous use at remote locations, all over the world.

Mastervolt's vision

As a leading global brand, we aim to excel in everything we do.

High technology, optimum performance

Mastervolt has been a strong, innovation-driven company since its founding in 1991. Product development takes place in three highly sophisticated R&D centres, in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Auckland (New Zealand) and Wisconsin (USA), where our engineers are continuously searching for new ways to connect high technology with optimum performance.

Superior service

This capacity to innovate is what truly sets Mastervolt apart. Our added value is to offer products, technologies and systems of the highest quality coupled with superior global service. The passion and commitment of our people make the difference. We are Mastervolt. The Power to be Independent.

The leading power companies join forces

Mastervolt is part of Power Products, LLC, which includes various major brands within its Marine, Mobile & Industrial division. Ancor, BEP, Blue Sea Systems, Marinco, Mastervolt and ProMariner provided innovative electrical solutions as independent companies for decades. Now these leading companies have come together to offer the broadest and most complete electrical product range for every conceivable application.


Mastervolt BEP Marinco Blue Sea Systems ProMariner Ancor

The Mastervolt philosophy is based on four pillars:

Innovation & product development

From power storage and conversion to digital network systems, throughout its history Mastervolt has continued to be at the forefront of technology. Pioneering research is in our DNA and Mastervolt’s highly skilled engineers are responsible for translating tomorrow’s technology into the ultimate performance today. With comprehensive engineering processes, Mastervolt’s engineers source the best components and test those components as well as all new product designs to destruction, ensuring complete satisfaction by the time the finished products, technologies and systems are installed in active customer applications. In essence, you will get the best product at the highest quality. Discover what our engineers have been working on at where we proudly present our new arrivals.

System solutions

Whatever the industry or application, Mastervolt is power solution focused, offering power components designed to easily integrate into comprehensive systems. From DC battery power connected by quality wire to power conversion products designed for efficiency, to complete digital switching technologies, monitoring at the touch of a finger, Mastervolt provides the flexibility and customisable systems you desire for your applications.

Worldwide network

Mastervolt proudly supports its customers with ongoing service. Top class expertise and support is available throughout the world's three geographical regions; the Americas, EMEA and APAC. With offices and partners in more than 80 countries, our customers know that wherever in the world they may be, we can deliver precise and fully tailored information without delay and track the progress of any inquiry, whether simple or complex. In addition, Mastervolt continually provides educational training for all of our service providers to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Powerful marketing

Powerful, globally oriented marketing has always been an important pillar of Mastervolt’s activities. It determines which markets we exploit and how we position our company and products. We remind clients that they are investing in high-quality technology, advanced systems and superior support and service. Our marketing team is always working to expand our global A-brand reputation.

Mastervolt is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.   ISO certified