Mastervolt marine

AC transfer systems

Mastervolt transfer systems:
Regulates 230 V power sources

The Mastervolt transfer system helps you regulate your grid, generator or inverter power and automatically selects the right power sources at the right time. With Mastervolt you can cook and do laundry at the same time or watch TV with the airco on full blast. In addition, Mastervolt transfer systems are suitable for every installation.

Advantages of the Mastervolt transfer system

  • Activating and selecting 230 V sources: Grid power, inverter and generator (adjustable to amperage of grid power, for instance 6 A).
  • Preventing damaging contact between the inverter and other 230 V sources.
  • Fully compatible with Mastervolt systems, and suitable for installations from other brands, other generators and/or inverters.

Masterswitch: The simple solution

  • Two AC inputs, for example grid power and generator.
  • One outlet to AC power group.
  • Automatic switching.
  • Power transfer up to 25 kW, input/output from 20 to 125 A.
  • Can be combined with circuit breakers (Masterswitch Fuses).

Mass Systemswitch: The complete system solution

  • Three AC inputs, for example inverter, grid power and generator.
  • Three or four outlets to AC power groups.
  • Automatic switching.
  • Power transfer from 4.5 kW to 16 kW, input/output from 25 to 63 A.
  • Information source for central energy management via MasterBus network.
  • Optional automatic fuses; for larger systems this usually requires an extra casing.
  • MasterBus compatible.

Mass Systemswitch

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